Rescue Red Animation

Short clay animation inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, told through the style of a retro video game.  Funded by IdeasTap Innovators Fund with Hiive, powered by Creative Skillset.


Sculpting and Animation: Nicola Welbourne

Design: Adam Foreman 

Original Music: David F Burrows


Rescue Red concept art and production photos: link

Full portfolio:

Woodsman Model Making

Woodsman Animation Development

Funded by the IdeasTap Innovators Fund through Hiive, I’m creating a short 2D clay animation inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood story. I’m collaborating with illustrator Adam Foreman and talented musician David F Burrows.

Model Making 001Model Making 003Model Making 002

Full portfolio:

A4matic Logo


After working together on collaborations for many years, myself and illustrator Adam Foreman (A4man) have made our partnership official by creating A4matic.

See our website for more information (we’re still busy adding content to it at the moment).

We’ve also opened an Etsy shop to make it easier to commission us, meaning we can accept more payment methods.

Follow us on Twitter @a4matic.